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2010, May 15th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

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Original forum thread can be found here: http://www.guildofmessengers.com/en/forum/topic/guild-meeting

(05/15 15:55:50) Chat.log started...
(05/15 16:08:29)  GoMeLeonardo: Ok Let's see. First point for today is Cavern Criers
(05/15 16:09:05)  GoMeLeonardo: Some time ago Irissa volunteered for being their Coordinator
(05/15 16:09:18)  GoMeLeonardo: but for unknown reasons she disappeared
(05/15 16:09:31)  Tanshin: Last we know she was sick, but she hasn't been heard from since
(05/15 16:09:39)  GoMeLeonardo: last thing we heard of her is that she was sick, I'm hoping she's ok
(05/15 16:09:42)  Tanshin: I haven't seen her in cavern, messages, anything
(05/15 16:09:55) GoMe.Ju'lee D hopes her computer just failed
(05/15 16:10:04)  Tanshin: That was a gramatical failure of a sentence
(05/15 16:10:05) blutec wishes Irissa well, wherever she is
(05/15 16:10:16)  Musica2: Do you commonly obtain RL info on member, Leo?
(05/15 16:10:25)  Tanshin: Has anybody tried to send her an e-mail? Perhaps somebody in her house will get it
(05/15 16:10:30)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: she said she was sick, online
(05/15 16:10:31)  GoMeLeonardo: no, she posted on the GoMe Forums about that
(05/15 16:10:51)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll try to contact her via email
(05/15 16:11:01)  Luna(nne): strange, I have seen that kind of thing happen before but for someone activein a guild it is weird
(05/15 16:11:13)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yeah, she was cranking
(05/15 16:11:17)  Tanshin: I know
(05/15 16:11:18)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: and doing well for us
(05/15 16:11:23)  Tanshin: Then she just kinda went poof
(05/15 16:11:32)  Tanshin: We have a mod on my forum who did the same
(05/15 16:11:48)  Tanshin: He was there, then he just went away. He's usually busy with AP classes, but still we're worried
(05/15 16:12:14)  GoMeLeonardo: This bring up the problem of keeping the Cavern Criers together and on sync
(05/15 16:12:27)  GoMeLeonardo: Lynnutte PMed me last week
(05/15 16:12:47)  GoMeLeonardo: For any of you who might now, she is one of the former members of the GoMe and the creator of the Criers
(05/15 16:15:29)  Musica2: Ist is safe to assume help is needed?
(05/15 16:15:39)  Luna(nne): I thought someone else would help her
(05/15 16:15:40)  GoMeLeonardo: Ye
(05/15 16:15:43)  GoMeLeonardo: *yes*
(05/15 16:15:54)  Tanshin: Should we try to contact Irissa first, but have a plan just in case?
(05/15 16:16:15)  GoMeLeonardo: She planned to pass over the coordination to Tanshin eventually
(05/15 16:16:17)  Tanshin: It was originally planned for me to join on with Irissa I believe
(05/15 16:16:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: The Crier work shouldn't really depend upon a single person I think - backups are very good
(05/15 16:17:11)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Julee, that's why I am thinking of having two Coordinators. One would be LYnnutte who's just come back
(05/15 16:17:17)  Tanshin: Sadly, right now I'm about to blow head first into finals. I'm out of school in a few weeks though
(05/15 16:17:30)  Tanshin: So I'm not sure how much help I can offer right now
(05/15 16:17:42)  Musica2: I can help with that, though I'm not highly tech-savvy
(05/15 16:17:57)  Tanshin: I know that Irissa's favorite tool is...
(05/15 16:18:01)  Tanshin: What was it
(05/15 16:18:02)  Luna(nne): I don't think you need to be, just time
(05/15 16:18:11)  Musica2: oh, ok
(05/15 16:18:33)  GoMeLeonardo: Usually the only thing that's needed is knowing how to use the KI, know who are the other Criers and keep the Criers Pages on the Website updated
(05/15 16:18:53)  Tanshin: Leo, what was that text shortcut tool she showed us?
(05/15 16:19:09)  GoMeLeonardo: ehm.....eheh, I can't remember it's name
(05/15 16:19:23)  GoMeLeonardo: I think it's the same Marten posted about in one of the Criers thread
(05/15 16:19:27)  Tanshin: Texter?
(05/15 16:19:38)  Tanshin: Yeah
(05/15 16:19:40)  Tanshin: Texter
(05/15 16:20:05)  GoMeLeonardo: that is a tool for coping text in Uru from the outside
(05/15 16:20:17)  GoMe Marten: If there isn't a book page on Crier tools, there should be. :)
(05/15 16:20:18)  Tanshin: Texter is a tool for typing your text and then making an abbreviation for it in game
(05/15 16:20:20)  GoMeLeonardo: for fast updating the KImail
(05/15 16:20:56)  blutec: So 2 functions/features?
(05/15 16:21:16)  Tanshin: You just have to be careful because when it's running your Avvy is known to weird things
(05/15 16:21:27)  GoMeLeonardo: uhm...no the one I mentioned is actually a side effect of the one Tanshin mentioned
(05/15 16:21:42)  blutec: lol
(05/15 16:22:38)  blutec: great to have such a tool *must look it up soon*
(05/15 16:22:54)  GoMeLeonardo: however the situation now is that Lynnutte will be again the leader of the Criers, I think she deserves it, but we still need someone to work with her
(05/15 16:23:01)  Tanshin: Just made a page under Guild Business
(05/15 16:23:15)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Hurray for Lynnutte!
(05/15 16:23:22)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(05/15 16:23:23) blutec cheers
(05/15 16:23:25)  Tanshin: Yeah, somebody who made it deserves it
(05/15 16:23:34) Musica2 cheers
(05/15 16:23:41) Luna(nne) cheers
(05/15 16:24:36)  GoMeLeonardo: The other one working with her would be more like a backup I think, but this doesn't mean he won't have nithng to do, Lynnutte doesn't have so much time
(05/15 16:25:00)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I wish I could volunteer to help - but my time is so limited...I should be putting more time into my liaison work first
(05/15 16:25:02)  GoMe Marten: Explain the situation carefully to Irissa while sending her well-wishes... yeah, I think she'll still have plenty to do.
(05/15 16:25:47)  GoMeLeonardo: Ok, this seems the best thing to do, first contact Irissa
(05/15 16:25:54)  Tanshin: Yeah
(05/15 16:26:14)  Tanshin: Once we know that situation, we can figure out exactly what needs to be done
(05/15 16:26:35)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(05/15 16:26:47)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: No reason why we can't have co-captains (Lynnutte and Irissa) and Tanshin as assistant director, as it were?
(05/15 16:27:00)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes I see no problem with that
(05/15 16:27:05)  Tanshin: That sounds so official :P
(05/15 16:27:10)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (I kind of like those unintentional mixed titles)  lol
(05/15 16:27:46)  Tanshin: As they would say in The Office, Assistant to the Assistant Manager
(05/15 16:27:55) Luna(nne) taps her foot
(05/15 16:27:58)  GoMeLeonardo: YOu just have to keep yourself in sync
(05/15 16:27:58)  Musica2: hehe
(05/15 16:28:12)  blutec: lol
(05/15 16:28:25)  GoMe Marten: We can sort out roles when we get all 3 people talking to each other.
(05/15 16:28:33) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(05/15 16:28:38)  Tanshin: Yeah, it's best to have everybody involved involved in the conversation
(05/15 16:28:46) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 16:28:57)  Tanshin: So, should we move on to Recruitment then?
(05/15 16:29:04)  GoMeLeonardo: sure
(05/15 16:29:04)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: intros first?
(05/15 16:29:07)  Tanshin: Oh
(05/15 16:29:08)  Musica2: yes
(05/15 16:29:08)  GoMe Marten: [quick round of intros first]
(05/15 16:29:09)  Tanshin: Right!
(05/15 16:29:15)  Tanshin: How could we forget
(05/15 16:29:20)  GoMeLeonardo: ...XD Thanks Marten
(05/15 16:29:22)  GoMe Marten: Start with Ju'lee and go clockwise :)
(05/15 16:29:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I am Ju'lee D, and I am the GoME liaison to the GoW
(05/15 16:29:44) GoMe.Ju'lee D bows
(05/15 16:29:47)  Tanshin: Say when you started too
(05/15 16:29:52)  Tanshin: That's always good to have
(05/15 16:30:03)  Musica2: And time zone
(05/15 16:30:03)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I joined the GoMe in early March I think
(05/15 16:30:12)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I'm in USA eastern time zone
(05/15 16:30:19) Tanshin cheers
(05/15 16:30:27)  GoMeLeonardo: XD phone number, RL Address and weight
(05/15 16:30:31)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol!
(05/15 16:30:33) GoMeLeonardo starts to laugh
(05/15 16:30:34) GoMe Marten pokes Leonardo.
(05/15 16:30:35)  Tanshin: State>
(05/15 16:30:50)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: state of grace?
(05/15 16:30:50)  Tanshin: Maybe...
(05/15 16:30:53)  GoMe Marten: Musica?
(05/15 16:31:00)  Tanshin: State, as in what state you live in
(05/15 16:31:10)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (smile) I knew that
(05/15 16:31:14)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I'm in Massachusetts
(05/15 16:31:23)  blutec: WE're all caverners
(05/15 16:31:31) Luna(nne) makes note to look up where that is
(05/15 16:31:34)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I'm FROM Masschusetts - before cavern
(05/15 16:31:48)  Musica2: I'm Musica and in NJ in easter U.S. i came into MOUL near the end but I played all the Myst games offline. I'm a liaison with the D'ni Museum of Art and the D'ne Musicological Research bevins
(05/15 16:31:52)  Tanshin: Have you heard of Kosinski Farms by any chance? If so, she's my chem teacher :P
(05/15 16:32:04)  Tanshin: Hi Musica!
(05/15 16:32:18) Musica2 waves hello
(05/15 16:32:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Nice to meet you Musica2
(05/15 16:32:31) blutec bows to Julee and Musica
(05/15 16:32:41)  Musica2: I'm either Musica or musica2 depending on what day it is lol
(05/15 16:32:45)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(05/15 16:32:47)  Tanshin: lol
(05/15 16:33:07)  Luna(nne): me now?
(05/15 16:33:11)  Musica2: Same here
(05/15 16:33:12)  GoMeLeonardo: yep
(05/15 16:33:13) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 16:33:14)  GoMe Marten: Yes :)
(05/15 16:33:37)  Luna(nne): i'm luna/lunanne from the netherlands, started in december/january with rel.to
(05/15 16:33:58) Thumbs up from GoMe Marten
(05/15 16:33:58)  Luna(nne): currently translator, liaision and editor for the non existant newspaper
(05/15 16:33:59) Tanshin thinks we need music for this
(05/15 16:34:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: "coming soon" newspaper?
(05/15 16:34:29)  Luna(nne): which gave me a nice collection of badges
(05/15 16:34:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(05/15 16:34:39)  blutec: lol
(05/15 16:34:45)  GoMeLeonardo: but none of you have as much as me :P XD
(05/15 16:34:52)  Musica2: hehe
(05/15 16:34:53) blutec bows to Lunanne
(05/15 16:34:59)  Tanshin: lol
(05/15 16:34:59)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Works for me, Leo!
(05/15 16:35:06)  GoMe Marten: Badges mean responsibilities :)
(05/15 16:35:08) Tanshin bows down at Leo's feet
(05/15 16:35:24) GoMeLeonardo says stop!
(05/15 16:35:26)  Tanshin: My turn now?
(05/15 16:35:30) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 16:35:31) GoMe Marten nods his head
(05/15 16:35:31) Luna(nne) looks pointedly at Tanshin
(05/15 16:35:34)  Tanshin: Oh that's right, Leo's feet are smelly ;)
(05/15 16:35:45) GoMeLeonardo says DOH!
(05/15 16:36:03)  GoMeLeonardo: Kaelis may join us for discussing the Age in some minutes
(05/15 16:36:18)  Tanshin: So anyways, I'm Tanshin, my real like last name is Salad, I live in northern Connecticut about 15-20 minutes from the Mass border. I joined onto the GoMe about five weeks ago
(05/15 16:37:05)  Tanshin: And I'm currently finding some music for this
(05/15 16:37:10) Musica2 claps her hands
(05/15 16:37:13) blutec bows to Tanshin
(05/15 16:37:18) Kaelis Ebonrai waves hello
(05/15 16:37:22)  GoMe Marten: Shorah Kaelis.
(05/15 16:37:23)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: shorah Kaelis
(05/15 16:37:24)  blutec: Shorah Kaelis
(05/15 16:37:26)  GoMeLeonardo: Shorah Kaelis
(05/15 16:37:31)  Kaelis Ebonrai: ShorARR!
(05/15 16:37:32) Tanshin waves hello
(05/15 16:37:40)  GoMeLeonardo: nice to see you here ^^
(05/15 16:37:41)  GoMe Marten: We're proceeding through introductions. :)
(05/15 16:37:48)  Luna(nne): hi
(05/15 16:37:49)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Good to be here. =)
(05/15 16:37:50)  blutec: ok...
(05/15 16:37:50)  Tanshin: After we already had a conversation :P
(05/15 16:37:55)  GoMe Marten: blutec's next
(05/15 16:37:56)  Musica2: Shorah Kaelis
(05/15 16:38:05) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(05/15 16:38:16)  Luna(nne): music!
(05/15 16:38:28)  Musica2: you called/
(05/15 16:38:31)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(05/15 16:38:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: XD
(05/15 16:39:04)  blutec: I'm blutec, also from the Netherlands, joined the GoMe just before the closing in 2008 (by Kalypso magic), did some assembling for the newsletter, and am a crier that has to be poked
(05/15 16:39:16)  Tanshin: brb
(05/15 16:39:42)  GoMeLeonardo: XD we'll make this note to the future Coordinator then Blu XD
(05/15 16:39:52)  blutec: it's Leo's turn <
(05/15 16:39:59)  blutec: lol
(05/15 16:39:59)  GoMeLeonardo: oh yes
(05/15 16:40:35)  GoMeLeonardo: So, I'm Leonardo XD. Currently I'm the webmaster of the GoMe website and one of the two Council Memebers of the Guild
(05/15 16:41:16)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm a bit a jack of all trades....I also wear the Cavern Criers hat, newspaper assistant and translator from time to time
(05/15 16:41:44)  GoMeLeonardo: and I'm from Italy
(05/15 16:41:47)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(05/15 16:41:53) blutec bows to Leo
(05/15 16:41:57) GoMe.Ju'lee D claps her hands
(05/15 16:42:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *grins*
(05/15 16:42:12)  GoMeLeonardo: Marten turn
(05/15 16:43:11)  GoMe Marten: I'm Marten, from Washington State USA (Pacific Time).  Joined GoMe in December 07, and served as the grand master for a while [had to step down midway through 2nd term].  Now my primary role is to administer rel.to.
(05/15 16:43:33) Musica2 cheers
(05/15 16:43:35)  GoMeLeonardo: and give wise suggestions
(05/15 16:43:41) blutec bows to Marten
(05/15 16:43:41)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(05/15 16:43:42) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(05/15 16:43:48)  GoMe Marten: And stick my foot in my mouth sometimes :)
(05/15 16:43:59)  blutec: lol
(05/15 16:44:05)  Luna(nne): :)
(05/15 16:44:16)  GoMe Marten: And, this brings us around to Kaelis!
(05/15 16:44:22)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ahar. =)
(05/15 16:45:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Hi all,  I'm Kaelis, I've hung around Uru since the D'mala days, before disappearing, then I came back in '08, just before the closing... I joined the GoMe, then. Had a few ideas, then poofed again.
(05/15 16:45:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I then joined the Writers, later on, and that's why I'm here. =)
(05/15 16:45:50) GoMe.Ju'lee D focuses closely
(05/15 16:45:58) blutec bows to Kaelis
(05/15 16:45:59)  GoMeLeonardo: And that ends the round of intros
(05/15 16:46:01)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I've got a general interest in the social aspects of age-creation...
(05/15 16:46:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: and, finally, I'm from Perth, Western Australia =)
(05/15 16:46:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sorry about the long intro >.>
(05/15 16:46:31)  Luna(nne): no worries XD
(05/15 16:46:42) Tanshin claps his hands
(05/15 16:46:44)  GoMeLeonardo: Since Kaelis is here I'd start now with discussing the Ideas for the "News Age"
(05/15 16:47:08)  GoMeLeonardo: For those of you might not know, Kaelis offered his help with creating a social Age for the MEssengers
(05/15 16:47:15) blutec cheers
(05/15 16:47:17)  Tanshin: O.O
(05/15 16:47:25)  Musica2: Oh yes
(05/15 16:48:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Right now, the best I can do, is get 'er running in the offline game, sadly. At least until some future developments happen with Cyan, and the GoW. =)
(05/15 16:48:07)  GoMeLeonardo: we have already strated the conversation on the GoMe forums, we have reached the only consensus on the large number of Imagers XD
(05/15 16:48:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: <g>
(05/15 16:48:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: And I believe there was a consensus on the D'ni Location side of things, as well?
(05/15 16:48:43)  GoMeLeonardo: yes ^^ that too :)
(05/15 16:48:50)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: something has to be the first age brought in-game - maybe this!
(05/15 16:49:11)  Luna(nne): I thought everyone also liked the archive function idea?
(05/15 16:49:25)  Luna(nne): and the podium?
(05/15 16:49:28)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, having an archeive of Newspapers
(05/15 16:49:46)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, as much as that'd be awesome, for my development, we'd either need a blender exporter, or a converter. As I don't have 3dsmax7, or, um, a way of getting it. =)
(05/15 16:50:06)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: how much is that?
(05/15 16:50:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: That is definitely something I'm interested in =)
(05/15 16:50:16)  Tanshin: 3dsmax 7 is incredibly old
(05/15 16:50:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, highly expensive. and old, but there is work being done on a new blender exporter.
(05/15 16:50:32)  Luna(nne): yeah even by my university they had stopped supplying it
(05/15 16:50:35)  Tanshin: So it's hard to get now a days
(05/15 16:50:47)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: ebay?  (smile)
(05/15 16:50:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so, it is likely going to happen, in some way. =)
(05/15 16:50:55)  GoMeLeonardo: I thought I read about pyPRP extending its capabilities to MOULa
(05/15 16:51:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Yes, PyPRP2. =)
(05/15 16:51:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its in development, but not ready yet, and won't be for a while.
(05/15 16:51:28)  Luna(nne): good to hear. i read some of the technical discussions but didn't really understand it
(05/15 16:51:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (unless I can get my grubby mitts on a dev-version >.>)
(05/15 16:51:43)  GoMeLeonardo: I see so let's focus on the Age concept then
(05/15 16:51:49)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 16:52:11)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the building of the age won
(05/15 16:52:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *won't be a problem, either.
(05/15 16:52:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: just getting it in-game, is the present issue. =)
(05/15 16:53:02)  GoMeLeonardo: Do any of you have idea on what is needed for it to be a good News gathering place?
(05/15 16:53:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (and even that is a temporary issue)
(05/15 16:53:31)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: staffing
(05/15 16:53:41) GoMe Marten says DOH!
(05/15 16:53:43)  Tanshin: What if we had some kind of modernized library type thing?
(05/15 16:53:47)  Kaelis Ebonrai: theoretically, we'll need, say, something that makes it friendly to gathering. =)
(05/15 16:53:58)  Tanshin: I could picture a lot of glass
(05/15 16:54:00)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Tanshin: like the nexus, say, but for...
(05/15 16:54:05)  Kaelis Ebonrai: hey, acutally..
(05/15 16:54:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Quick question for you all:
(05/15 16:54:36)  Kaelis Ebonrai: What would your stance be on the newspaper thing being similar in format to the nexus?
(05/15 16:54:37)  Tanshin: If it's in the cavern, then thaty may not work
(05/15 16:54:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: spitting out a book, that has a journal-ish newspaper
(05/15 16:55:00)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Tanshin: i don't mean linking books >.>
(05/15 16:55:04)  Tanshin: What if we had a bunch of terminals?
(05/15 16:55:10)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 16:55:10)  Tanshin: My comment was about the glass btw
(05/15 16:55:19)  Luna(nne): interesting, but papers lyign around might give a more friendly look
(05/15 16:55:20)  GoMeLeonardo: XD ah that would save of the issue of finding the place to put all the newspapers
(05/15 16:55:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: oh, right. sorry. =P
(05/15 16:55:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo: yes, precisely. =)
(05/15 16:55:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: i like the idea of multiple terminals
(05/15 16:55:46)  Tanshin: If we had virtual terminals that had virtual paper, kinda like those Flash fliers you can view on the internet
(05/15 16:55:56)  Kaelis Ebonrai: But, i'd agree, papers lying around might work, too =)
(05/15 16:56:05)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Tanshin: pretty much like that. =)
(05/15 16:56:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: except, it spits out an actual book, akin to the nexus. =)
(05/15 16:56:19)  Tanshin: We could start with paper lying around, but then move to terminals if it gets crowded
(05/15 16:56:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: the papers lying around could be the current issue - and terminals for back issues
(05/15 16:56:35)  Musica2: Kind of like the lounge areas in coffe houses
(05/15 16:56:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ju'lee D: I do like that, yes. =)
(05/15 16:56:44)  Tanshin: Papers would be much easier to impliment I'd imagine
(05/15 16:56:49)  Luna(nne): yeah something like that could work too
(05/15 16:57:00)  Luna(nne): and benches of course for people to sit and fidget XD
(05/15 16:57:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Tanshin: the issue with the papers is how to update. =P
(05/15 16:57:09) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(05/15 16:57:09)  Tanshin: So if we started with paper, we could then have something working while we developed a terminal system
(05/15 16:57:15)  GoMe Marten: Is there a way to include pictures in the papers?
(05/15 16:57:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 16:57:23)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes
(05/15 16:57:23)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marten: easily. =)
(05/15 16:57:29)  Tanshin: We could add papers to a stack somewhere, or we could have some kind of shelf
(05/15 16:57:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i don't know why Cyan never includes pictures in the books in Uru, like they did in the other games.
(05/15 16:58:00)  Tanshin: Maybe the people of the DRC weren't fully artistic
(05/15 16:58:08)  Tanshin: But they did have those drawings in Teledahn
(05/15 16:58:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: true. =)
(05/15 16:58:14) From Skydiver Svig in D'ni-Ae'gura: Shorah b'shem Ken
(05/15 16:58:22)  blutec: how easy would it be to edit pages?
(05/15 16:58:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Depends on what level of access Cyan lets us have, with fan ages.
(05/15 16:58:42)  GoMeLeonardo: brb
(05/15 16:58:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: theoretically, very, very easily.
(05/15 16:58:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, that part depends on Cyan, to allow that method.
(05/15 16:59:16)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: what is it about the method that they would not like?
(05/15 16:59:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sadly, I can't test it, either, until we have a way of testing on the moul engine, offline, or on test shards
(05/15 16:59:29)  blutec: thanks!
(05/15 16:59:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Well, it needs a way to alter a node in the vault.
(05/15 16:59:38)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: ah
(05/15 16:59:46)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its exactly the way sharper's journal is done.
(05/15 16:59:54)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (and the memorial imager, too)
(05/15 16:59:58)  Luna(nne): I thought there was a test shard running? but I could be wrong
(05/15 17:00:01)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: aha
(05/15 17:00:04)  Kaelis Ebonrai: no, there isn't. =)
(05/15 17:00:05)  blutec: is it possible to integrate a browser?
(05/15 17:00:06)  GoMe Marten: Data could either be a node in the vault or come from a file on disk.
(05/15 17:00:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: It could, Marten, but I wouldn't recommend the file method
(05/15 17:00:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: because cyan would have to push the file
(05/15 17:00:44)  Kaelis Ebonrai: blutec: probably not, with the browser
(05/15 17:00:47)  Luna(nne): I think a brwoser isn't needed
(05/15 17:00:58)  Luna(nne): *browser even
(05/15 17:00:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its /possible/ but, not really advisible.
(05/15 17:01:03)  GoMe Marten: Kaelis> But the sdls for ages have to be pushed anyway, don't they? :)
(05/15 17:01:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Marten: no. =)
(05/15 17:01:22)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the vault isn't exactly SDL. =)
(05/15 17:01:27)  GoMe Marten: Agreed about not using the browser.
(05/15 17:01:31)  blutec: I like in-game browsing abbilities, but can live with switching outside client
(05/15 17:01:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: blutec: my recommendation: use Steam. =)
(05/15 17:01:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its what i use. =)
(05/15 17:01:57)  blutec: ew, doesn't work for me
(05/15 17:02:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: how so? =P
(05/15 17:02:26)  blutec: it won't run on my machine, support isn't helping, gave up
(05/15 17:02:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the required first game is now free, etc
(05/15 17:02:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: when was the last time you tried, steam has completely been re-done =P
(05/15 17:03:00)  Luna(nne): anyways
(05/15 17:03:07)  blutec: and I'm not running crap machines either... about a year ago, maybe 1,5
(05/15 17:03:21)  blutec: anyways indeed sorry for the detour
(05/15 17:03:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: blutec: try again, in the last few months, there have been insane updates =P
(05/15 17:03:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right, sorry. =)
(05/15 17:03:40)  blutec: k, will try, thanks :-)
(05/15 17:03:41)  Luna(nne): no problem I don't have a lot of patience
(05/15 17:04:11)  blutec: np Lunanne, you will eventually lol
(05/15 17:04:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so, where were we...
(05/15 17:04:16)  Luna(nne): but we need to get people to come there I think
(05/15 17:04:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:04:27)  Luna(nne): which might be the biggest problem
(05/15 17:04:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: in my tests of, um.. kaelispuboffice, in a shard environment..
(05/15 17:04:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sometimes, if done right, a social area will have people essentially gravitate to the location
(05/15 17:05:06)  GoMe Marten: on a regular basis.  People go to things when they're new.  They stop visiting so much afterward.
(05/15 17:05:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:05:16)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: unless they find them useful
(05/15 17:05:16)  GoMeLeonardo: back, sorry
(05/15 17:05:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: no worries, Leo. =)
(05/15 17:05:28)  Luna(nne): what do you think that is needed kaelis?
(05/15 17:05:29)  blutec: wb Leo
(05/15 17:05:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I would expect a news spot would attract people
(05/15 17:06:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: things I learnt with the kaelispuboffice: Needs to have a general "friendly" and welcoming atmosphere
(05/15 17:06:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: not /too/ bright, but not too dark, either.
(05/15 17:06:21)  blutec: with nice lightning :-)
(05/15 17:06:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:06:26)  Luna(nne): flowers?
(05/15 17:06:37)  GoMeLeonardo: tables to sit...benches, they seems to lack in Uru, especially one with nice camera angles
(05/15 17:06:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: not necessarily, but, some sort of visual interest.
(05/15 17:06:40)  Musica2: D'ni antiques
(05/15 17:06:46)  Kaelis Ebonrai: exactly. =)
(05/15 17:06:48)  GoMe Marten: Comfy chair like in Sharper's office.
(05/15 17:06:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: that works, too. =)
(05/15 17:07:00)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: refreshments?
(05/15 17:07:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: if only i could show you what's behind the, um, curtains in the watcher's sanctuary
(05/15 17:07:19)  blutec: and a secret passage
(05/15 17:07:19)  Luna(nne): maybe benches where you can sit /stil/ if that is possible
(05/15 17:07:25)  Musica2: pray tell
(05/15 17:07:43)  Kaelis Ebonrai: essentially, there's curved couches, at leas what's /left/ of them
(05/15 17:08:00)  GoMeLeonardo: there is a way to jump behding those curtains...but I don't rmember it anymore
(05/15 17:08:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: these little bits are called "conversation rooms"/
(05/15 17:08:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, at least they're there in the old one =P
(05/15 17:08:32)  Luna(nne): there seems to be a way to jump behind/on everything
(05/15 17:08:53)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, in any case.. comfy seating - definitely agree. =)
(05/15 17:09:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: another really must have: an easy way to the nexus.
(05/15 17:09:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so, a nexus pedestal. offlineki has a /nexus, but, still.
(05/15 17:09:38)  GoMeLeonardo: ah yes, let's not make it an age with no linkout books
(05/15 17:09:50)  Luna(nne): maybe several even , when we expect it to become busy
(05/15 17:09:56)  Kaelis Ebonrai: exactly, and, the nexus makes it easy to go wherever you want to go. =)
(05/15 17:09:58)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:10:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: one big space, or many smaller offshoots?
(05/15 17:10:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its the thing that really irks me with the pubs..
(05/15 17:10:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, i'd go with slightly smaller.. more.. uh
(05/15 17:10:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: alcoves?
(05/15 17:10:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: "Intimate" or friendly. =P
(05/15 17:10:55)  Luna(nne): i would say onemain space with several smaller places
(05/15 17:11:01)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:11:01)  Luna(nne): *one main
(05/15 17:11:12)  GoMe Marten: Look at how we are arranged in this pub.  We're all off in one little part of it.  This pub could be 1/4 the size and it'd feel about right.
(05/15 17:11:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: exactly, Marten. =)
(05/15 17:11:22) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 17:11:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the bigger it is, the less it actually gets used. =)
(05/15 17:11:47)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: unless Dr. Watson speaks
(05/15 17:11:49)  GoMe Marten: Except the city, which breaks rules.
(05/15 17:11:51)  Luna(nne): I think that that is also one of the problems with the city
(05/15 17:11:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: even the city is a bit of a pain. =
(05/15 17:12:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *=P
(05/15 17:12:07)  Luna(nne): to big to meet someone you don't know
(05/15 17:12:09)  GoMe Marten: hm, true
(05/15 17:12:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: because people are mostly spread out. =)
(05/15 17:12:30)  GoMeLeonardo: Kaelis wouldn't it be possible to implement the download Kimails feature as a "cheat"? I was thinking to somehtign like: OnClick: the imager retrieves the uploader Name and ID and simulates him sending the KImail to the requesting person
(05/15 17:12:33)  GoMe Marten: Would work better with more population.  But, it was intended to be populated.
(05/15 17:12:42) From Skydiver Svig in D'ni-Ae'gura: Bonjour Blue
(05/15 17:12:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: the smaller spaces should have names, or identities - so you can tell someone meet me in such-and-such...
(05/15 17:12:51)  GoMe Marten: So I guess the rule here is, size to the population you expect.
(05/15 17:12:57) From Skydiver Svig in D'ni-Ae'gura: how great Blue :)))
(05/15 17:13:08)  Luna(nne): maybe also a place where you can see everything
(05/15 17:13:13)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo: i'm not really sure, there. =)
(05/15 17:13:20)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(05/15 17:13:31)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo: Diafero is the expert, on that, he seemed to think it'd... be painful.
(05/15 17:13:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: because the trick is getting it from the imager, and telling it which you want.
(05/15 17:13:58)  GoMe Marten: Lunanne> observation tower?
(05/15 17:14:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the imager is just showing a texture, as far as its concerned, mostly
(05/15 17:14:16)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^ ok...I guess we'd have to wait for the KI to be redesigned
(05/15 17:14:19)  Luna(nne): yeah soome place where you can see where evryone is, when you are looking for someone
(05/15 17:14:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: probably best. =)
(05/15 17:14:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its definitely a feature i /want/ but, not one i can figure how to do. =)
(05/15 17:14:40)  Luna(nne): but better place names then "city" would work too I guess
(05/15 17:15:01)  GoMe Marten: Well, the city has zones, the KI just doesn't tell you which zone.
(05/15 17:15:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, in the City, it does have named. =)
(05/15 17:15:11)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *names
(05/15 17:15:17)  Luna(nne): well I think it should show in KI
(05/15 17:15:18)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: The red alcove...the reading room...stuff like that
(05/15 17:15:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: no one uses them, mostly, though. =)
(05/15 17:15:29)  Musica2: I can't even tell where the city names are
(05/15 17:15:38)  GoMeLeonardo: on the map XD
(05/15 17:15:43)  Kaelis Ebonrai: mostly, we work from the nexus, and the map, too. =)
(05/15 17:15:54)  Luna(nne): I know most of the places from the nexus
(05/15 17:15:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: like, ferry terminal, is the nexus link area, etc
(05/15 17:16:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: there's a couple of others, too. =)
(05/15 17:16:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (they're on the map)
(05/15 17:16:18)  GoMe Marten: I've always had trouble figuring out where people are too.  I watch the age players and try to figure out, "OK, I walk this way, name moves down the list, so I'm moving away from them..." but it's tricky.
(05/15 17:16:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I've tried that too, Marten
(05/15 17:16:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: but they could be moving as well - it's a pain
(05/15 17:16:57)  Kaelis Ebonrai: there was once a ki-overhaul someone once designed, that had a map on it... but, i don't know if anyone will take it up. =)
(05/15 17:17:08)  GoMe Marten: But, I don't think we're going to solve that today.  Unless you're saying the news age would have a way to help people track each other?  [Starts sounding like Facebook.]
(05/15 17:17:10)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its not actually done, but, it was a nice idea. =)
(05/15 17:17:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: unlikely. =P
(05/15 17:17:28)  GoMeLeonardo: XD LOL CavernBook
(05/15 17:17:40)  Luna(nne): it is just that when I link to the city and see nowhere nearby I tend to link out immediately again, becuase I don't want to run across the city to find the rest of the players
(05/15 17:17:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: exactly. =)
(05/15 17:17:53)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: folks can talk to each other and guide them - if places have an identity that can be named
(05/15 17:18:00)  Kaelis Ebonrai: this is why smaller, more condensed areas are nicer =)
(05/15 17:18:04) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 17:18:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the bigger it is, the less... personal, etc, it is
(05/15 17:18:24)  Musica2: yep
(05/15 17:18:27)  Kaelis Ebonrai: this is why, for example, coffee shops are often small-ish
(05/15 17:18:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: someone mentioned coffee shops, earlier..
(05/15 17:18:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i might like to explore that concept, for the purpose of the age?
(05/15 17:18:58)  GoMe Marten: That's it.  Put coffee in the news age.  It'll attract people.
(05/15 17:19:03)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: maybe we start this age small, with potential for adding additional small spaces if it becomes really popular?
(05/15 17:19:09)  GoMe Marten: ;)
(05/15 17:19:14)  Kaelis Ebonrai: That sounds very sensible, Ju'lee >.>
(05/15 17:19:16)  Luna(nne): uhm as long as you mean cofee "coffee shops"
(05/15 17:19:25)  Kaelis Ebonrai: yes, the ones for the drink =P
(05/15 17:19:30)  GoMeLeonardo: a link to the Cafeteria, Kaelis XD
(05/15 17:19:39)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sorry, i forgot we had people from .nl >.>
(05/15 17:19:51)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Coffee counter, with stools
(05/15 17:19:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo <g>
(05/15 17:19:53)  Luna(nne): no problem , just checking
(05/15 17:20:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, I also like the whole couch thing, etc. =_
(05/15 17:20:11)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *=)
(05/15 17:20:11)  GoMe Marten: Caffeine is the only stimulant being described here. :)
(05/15 17:20:18)  Tanshin: Alright, so I actually have to get going guys. I have a lot to do today
(05/15 17:20:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: comfy, sort of friendly, etc. =)
(05/15 17:20:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sorry for taking up your time :<
(05/15 17:20:28)  GoMeLeonardo: see you Tanshin!
(05/15 17:20:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: take care, tanshin!
(05/15 17:20:33)  Luna(nne): see you
(05/15 17:20:38)  Tanshin: It's not you, I just need to get moving here
(05/15 17:20:44)  Musica2: Have a good one tanshin
(05/15 17:20:49)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll publish the ChatLog on the GoME website
(05/15 17:20:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: take care, and have a good one =)
(05/15 17:20:52)  blutec: cya Tanshin
(05/15 17:20:53)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: good luck with your finals
(05/15 17:20:55)  Tanshin: See you guys around! Let me know what else happens and all that good stuff
(05/15 17:20:58)  Tanshin: Thanks :)
(05/15 17:20:59)  Tanshin: Ciao!
(05/15 17:21:01)  Kaelis Ebonrai: byee!
(05/15 17:21:02)  GoMe Marten: Bye!
(05/15 17:21:13)  Musica2: so lon
(05/15 17:21:22)  Luna(nne): so a comfy cafeteria with newspapers
(05/15 17:21:27)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: maybe we could hang artwork in the age?
(05/15 17:21:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm really liking where this is going. =)
(05/15 17:21:45)  GoMe Marten: I like that idea.  An age with food and drink and papers to read.
(05/15 17:21:46)  Luna(nne): hmm would help if we had a guild of artisans
(05/15 17:21:58) Kaelis Ebonrai owns guildofartisans.org >.>
(05/15 17:22:01)  GoMeLeonardo: and there will be cake
(05/15 17:22:03)  Musica2: I thought we did
(05/15 17:22:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, but, the cake is a lie!
(05/15 17:22:14)  Luna(nne): yeah but it is asleep I think
(05/15 17:22:16)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: gotta have cake!
(05/15 17:22:21)  Luna(nne): at least so far I know
(05/15 17:22:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: we'll make it truth!
(05/15 17:22:26)  blutec: old newspaper covers on the wall as art?
(05/15 17:22:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: sweet idea!
(05/15 17:22:34)  Luna(nne): there is a myst fanclub on deviat art though
(05/15 17:22:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the mostly poofed. was going to let them use guildofartisans.org, but.. dunno what happened, there
(05/15 17:23:01)  Luna(nne): I have no idea kaelis, just one post on the forum, tried to register but never heard something
(05/15 17:23:05)  Kaelis Ebonrai: there was also tweek's guild of fine artists, too. =)
(05/15 17:23:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, that died, too. =/
(05/15 17:23:20)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: maybe this would inspire them to crank things up
(05/15 17:23:21) From Skydiver Svig in D'ni-Ae'gura: Shorah b'shem Ethan
(05/15 17:23:24)  GoMe Marten: Too many flash-in-the-pans.
(05/15 17:23:24)  Luna(nne): but then I have the same thing with the linguistic fellowship
(05/15 17:23:32) From EthanEver in EthanEver's Relto: Shorah buddies
(05/15 17:23:41)  Kaelis Ebonrai: dlf lost most of their stuff due to a forum crash
(05/15 17:23:43)  blutec: rotating art on the walls
(05/15 17:23:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes
(05/15 17:23:49)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so they're trying to get it back, now
(05/15 17:23:52)  Luna(nne): currently the club on DA is doing a pretty good job, if I may say so
(05/15 17:24:14)  Luna(nne): we could have people voting which art should hang on the wall or so
(05/15 17:24:15)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, "getting it back" the hard way -- memory.
(05/15 17:24:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, first, permission from the artist, etc. =)
(05/15 17:24:41)  GoMe Marten: So, what is next.... sketches of what the Age would look like?
(05/15 17:24:53)  Luna(nne): yeah but I don't think that would be that much of a problem to get on DA
(05/15 17:25:17)  GoMeLeonardo: With no Guilds implemented in the game, how hard would be to make the imagers not public uploading?
(05/15 17:25:20)  Kaelis Ebonrai: personally, if someone is willing, but, i'll probably get to modelling, once we have some ideas. =)
(05/15 17:25:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: GoMe: difficult, sorta.
(05/15 17:25:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: two ways.
(05/15 17:26:03)  Kaelis Ebonrai: 1) have a contact with cyan, and have them add certain users to, um
(05/15 17:26:11)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the "age owners"
(05/15 17:26:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but.. this might not work, as i'm not sure how to get randoms to the age, from there
(05/15 17:27:00)  Kaelis Ebonrai: 2) uh.. send the stuff to cyan themselves, or give certain users access to things directly, in the vault, for that age)
(05/15 17:27:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: this is one of those things cyan and the fans need to work out, before ages go onto moulagain. =P
(05/15 17:27:50)  GoMeLeonardo: I see
(05/15 17:27:52)  Luna(nne): can't it work the same way as the bevin's ?
(05/15 17:28:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, probably, yes "ages i own" or "Age owners"
(05/15 17:28:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: which is way 1)
(05/15 17:28:20)  Kaelis Ebonrai: forgot about hoods. =P
(05/15 17:28:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so, it shouldn't be too painful to get randoms there, then
(05/15 17:29:00)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(05/15 17:29:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm too used to alcugs, where depending on how the shard owner has things set up /everyone/ is an owner. =P
(05/15 17:29:20)  Luna(nne): and I think that since we have good reasons to do it , cyan wouldn't mind adding people
(05/15 17:29:25)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:29:28)  Luna(nne): it doesn't sound like a lot of work to me
(05/15 17:29:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: all this is mostly academic, at the moment, mind you. =)
(05/15 17:29:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: because there's no way of testing, or getting any age into moulagain. =)
(05/15 17:30:30)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so, i can fudge around fairly slowly, as ideas come, because until we can get it on moulagain, its not much use to many people at all. =)
(05/15 17:30:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: and.. to be honest with you: i don't expect that to happen any time soon :<
(05/15 17:30:59)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: any feeling for how fast cyan is movning in that direction?
(05/15 17:31:06)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Very, very slowly. =)
(05/15 17:31:14)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I was afraid you'd say that
(05/15 17:31:15)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i'd say glacial, probably. =)
(05/15 17:31:19)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(05/15 17:31:46)  Kaelis Ebonrai: before the plugin was out, we said we desperately needed a test sever for it to be useful..
(05/15 17:32:07)  Musica2: I think it was really great of you to share your vision with us
(05/15 17:32:14) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 17:32:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: No worries, I've got a definite fondness for the GoMe, it being my original guild. =)
(05/15 17:32:39)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(05/15 17:32:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: sSo, I'm honoured to help you guys out. <g>
(05/15 17:32:57)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *So,
(05/15 17:33:04)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I would like to help YOU out any way I can
(05/15 17:33:21)  Kaelis Ebonrai: thanks, very much, Ju'lee D =)
(05/15 17:33:30)  GoMeLeonardo: And we're excited to have someone offering his knowledge in Age Creation ^^
(05/15 17:33:44) Kaelis Ebonrai blushes.
(05/15 17:33:54)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I just try what I can. =P
(05/15 17:34:09)  blutec: :-D
(05/15 17:34:16)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, um, I'm really quite excited about this Age, it looks to be very interesting to build. =)
(05/15 17:34:24)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(05/15 17:34:44)  Kaelis Ebonrai: oh, btw, Leo: New kaelispuboffice release. =P
(05/15 17:34:48)  GoMeLeonardo: Shall we pass to the next subject of the meeting? Or someone has other thoughts on the Age?
(05/15 17:34:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: just a few tweaks >.>
(05/15 17:34:59)  GoMeLeonardo: ah...I'll download it!
(05/15 17:35:30)  Musica2: Lte's go back to recruitment
(05/15 17:35:32)  GoMeLeonardo: just started Drizzle :)
(05/15 17:35:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I might have to head off, i need to catch up with Oliver, regarding another kaelispuboffice update, at some point. not yet, so I can stick around, if you're up for it. =)
(05/15 17:35:49)  GoMeLeonardo: of course ^^
(05/15 17:35:59)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes, next point is recruitment
(05/15 17:36:02)  Kaelis Ebonrai: By the by, what is your stance on dual-membership? =)
(05/15 17:36:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: because I might like to rejoin, on a dual-membership sort of thing, re-social aspects. >.>
(05/15 17:36:32)  blutec: I like multi guildsppl
(05/15 17:36:34)  GoMeLeonardo: You can be member of as much as groupd you like, guilds included
(05/15 17:36:56) Kaelis Ebonrai nods. =)
(05/15 17:37:20)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'll have a look around at what's needed, then. =)
(05/15 17:37:26)  GoMeLeonardo: Great ^^
(05/15 17:37:51)  GoMeLeonardo: sent you a list of jobs we think we might need
(05/15 17:38:17)  GoMe Marten: Is that list up to date?
(05/15 17:38:18)  Luna(nne): you could write for the newspaper XD
(05/15 17:38:33)  GoMeLeonardo: I think yes Marten
(05/15 17:38:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I could, but, I honestly don't know what I'd write. >.>
(05/15 17:39:00)  GoMe Marten: 'k.  Last I looked it still listed facebook/twitter folks and I thought we might have found folks for those
(05/15 17:39:15)  Luna(nne): but I need to go so :(
(05/15 17:39:36)  GoMeLeonardo: ok, NOW it's updated XD
(05/15 17:39:38)  Musica2: The newspaper is the next topic after recruitment
(05/15 17:39:43)  blutec: bye Lunanne, cy!
(05/15 17:39:46)  Luna(nne): capella is coming though so she can talk about the newspaper, she has more experience then me anyway I think
(05/15 17:39:47)  GoMe Marten: Have a good day, Lunanne!
(05/15 17:39:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I mean, I could write a little column on updates in the GoW/Drizzle&OfflineKI,
(05/15 17:39:50)  Kaelis Ebonrai: byee!
(05/15 17:39:54)  Luna(nne): bye
(05/15 17:39:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: take care! =D
(05/15 17:40:00)  GoMeLeonardo: See you soon Lunanne!
(05/15 17:40:05)  GoMeLeonardo: thank you for coming
(05/15 17:40:12)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *but then, i'd feel like i was stepping on Ju'lee D's shoes
(05/15 17:40:14)  Musica2: bye for now
(05/15 17:40:17)  Kaelis Ebonrai: take care, and have fun =D
(05/15 17:40:24)  Luna(nne): i'lll try to come back and see or it is still going
(05/15 17:40:49)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: no way
(05/15 17:40:59)  GoMeLeonardo: Re:Recruitment, Andros/Kalypso is out of the loop right now, he lost interest in Uru due to Open Source not going on
(05/15 17:40:59)  Kaelis Ebonrai: =D
(05/15 17:41:34)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: that was really bad news :-(
(05/15 17:41:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I know how Andros feels, for a while, until recently, I was really under the weather re: that.
(05/15 17:42:03)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I've always had a fond memory of being recruited by Andros =P
(05/15 17:42:05)  GoMeLeonardo: So right now the Criers are distributing the Open Jobs at GoMe
(05/15 17:42:24)  GoMeLeonardo: He's very good in recruiting indeed
(05/15 17:42:31)  GoMe Marten: Andros is either full steam ahead or no interest.  I appreciate his periods of full steam ahead.
(05/15 17:42:58)  GoMe Marten: Shorah Capella.
(05/15 17:43:02)  blutec: Shorah Capella
(05/15 17:43:03)  Kaelis Ebonrai: ShorARR, Capella. =)
(05/15 17:43:06)  Capella: hello!
(05/15 17:43:08)  GoMeLeonardo: many of the jobs have been covered by his campaign
(05/15 17:43:11)  GoMeLeonardo: Shorah Capella!
(05/15 17:43:25)  Musica2: Hi Capella
(05/15 17:43:26)  Capella: Apologies for my lateness.
(05/15 17:43:29) Musica2 waves hello
(05/15 17:43:30)  GoMeLeonardo: Don't worry ^^
(05/15 17:43:32)  blutec: If it wasm't for Kalypso I wouldn't be here :-)
(05/15 17:43:55)  Kaelis Ebonrai: myself, as well, amusingly enough. =)
(05/15 17:44:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, andros and leo, actually >.>
(05/15 17:44:27)  Musica2: If not for Allan White, I wouldn't be here
(05/15 17:44:37)  GoMeLeonardo: well....uhm...I just wanted to say that about recruitment. Maybe Criers could actively recruit, I don't do it actively usually
(05/15 17:44:50)  blutec: and what kept me is Leo of course ;-)
(05/15 17:45:01)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(05/15 17:45:05)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I try a little of that at the monthly guild fairs
(05/15 17:45:22)  Kaelis Ebonrai: those are absolutely wonderful. =)
(05/15 17:45:24)  GoMeLeonardo: ah right, the last one was very good for our collaborations
(05/15 17:45:32)  Kaelis Ebonrai: so much life in the cavern, when they happen. =)
(05/15 17:45:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: indeed!
(05/15 17:46:20)  Kaelis Ebonrai: the first got me in contact with oliver, who is helping with some music for kaelispuboffice, so.. they're really quite wonderful.
(05/15 17:46:22)  GoMeLeonardo: well....this wan't a big point to discuss XD next one?
(05/15 17:46:36)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I believe it was the newspaper? =)
(05/15 17:46:42)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(05/15 17:46:46)  GoMeLeonardo: NEWSPAPER:
(05/15 17:47:17)  GoMe Marten: And its sequel, BRIDE OF THE NEWSPAPER
(05/15 17:47:25)  blutec: lol!
(05/15 17:47:26)  GoMeLeonardo: I hoped to have Theremin but he couldn't make it...maybe I'll let him handle the Meeting next time so he'll be available to discuss
(05/15 17:47:30) Capella laughs
(05/15 17:47:45)  Kaelis Ebonrai: hokay... If the newspaper does start: would you be happy with a stuff-happening in Age-Writing column?
(05/15 17:47:45)  GoMeLeonardo: I think that we are almost there
(05/15 17:47:56)  Kaelis Ebonrai: say, drizzle/offine ki, perhaps other random stuff?
(05/15 17:48:04)  GoMe Marten: Will Theremin resume duties as lead editor?
(05/15 17:48:04)  Capella: can't speak for everyone else, but I think it'd be intriguing; it is news, after all
(05/15 17:48:06)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes
(05/15 17:48:10)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes Marten
(05/15 17:48:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I barely have time to liaison - definately no time to contribute to newspaper
(05/15 17:48:40)  blutec: If we have a real team, I might like to do assembling if there would still be an empty spot
(05/15 17:48:51)  GoMeLeonardo: yes that would be interesting. Of course everything has to pass thru the editor in cheif, that is Theremin, to be approved
(05/15 17:48:58)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:49:05)  Capella: I believe we only have editor spots and a reporter filled, so I think assembler is still open.
(05/15 17:49:22)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ju'lee D: I'm happy to do it, if you're ok, with that? =)
(05/15 17:49:31)  GoMeLeonardo: blu we actually lack that position for starting the newspaper, a part from other little roles
(05/15 17:49:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I am very ok with it - I'm sure I'd learn a lot :-)
(05/15 17:49:50)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: and the more publicity the GoW gets, the more action may result
(05/15 17:50:02)  GoMeLeonardo: yes ^^
(05/15 17:50:17)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I turned down the, um, liason job, when moulagain, because I was very, uh.. contraversal(sp?) at the time. =P
(05/15 17:50:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *moulagain started back up
(05/15 17:50:41)  GoMeLeonardo: We have editors, a reporter, translators, a proofreader. We need at least an ssembler and a photographer
(05/15 17:50:43)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: A columnist can be as controversial he he likes.  :-)
(05/15 17:50:43)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (andros approached me, early on, in the census)
(05/15 17:50:49)  Kaelis Ebonrai: exactly >.>
(05/15 17:51:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, i have toned that down a lot, of late. =)
(05/15 17:51:13)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)
(05/15 17:51:35)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo: photographer - what do we need?
(05/15 17:51:36)  GoMe Marten: Assembly is technical... and all the technical people seem to go to the Writers.
(05/15 17:51:54)  Kaelis Ebonrai: also, "assembly"? =)
(05/15 17:52:05)  GoMeLeonardo: photographer would be the one who finds the right pics to attach to each article
(05/15 17:52:09)  Capella: assembly, iirc, is putting everything together prettily and making the PDF?
(05/15 17:52:17)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Capella i right
(05/15 17:52:20)  GoMeLeonardo: *is
(05/15 17:52:21)  GoMe Marten: What Capella said, for assembly.
(05/15 17:52:27)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right. =)
(05/15 17:52:38)  blutec: assembling text and images isn't that hard, I've learned, but may have to take up on new publisher software
(05/15 17:52:52)  GoMe Marten: Isn't hard but it eats more time than you'd expect.
(05/15 17:52:53)  GoMeLeonardo: assembling is the hardd part of taking allthe articles and pics and the template and actually make the final document, in PDF format
(05/15 17:53:19)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I can generally take shots of stuff, at HD-resolutions, etc. but, getting at events, is a pain, due to my timezone.
(05/15 17:53:27)  blutec: yep, I also would need pro pdf ware to make proper links
(05/15 17:53:30)  GoMeLeonardo: Blutec used Microsoft Publisher for the Newspaper then Szark switched to Scribus which is free
(05/15 17:53:32) Kaelis Ebonrai can also do video, if you ever need it for anything.
(05/15 17:53:45)  GoMe Marten: The output from Scribus seemed pretty nice to me.
(05/15 17:53:51)  Kaelis Ebonrai: scribus would be awesome.
(05/15 17:54:07)  GoMe Marten: I had no problems pulling up the PDFs in Acrobat Reader, the files weren't too big...
(05/15 17:54:10)  Kaelis Ebonrai: its open source software, but, i haven't used it majorly, in a long time, if ever.
(05/15 17:54:35) Kaelis Ebonrai remembers wanting to give it a go, at some point, but can't remember if he ever did.
(05/15 17:54:46)  GoMeLeonardo: yes I had no problems with it with Foxit Reader too, in the latest releases
(05/15 17:54:46)  blutec: MS Publiser was easy to learn for me, don't know about Scribus, but we'll see
(05/15 17:54:58)  Capella: PDFs opened fine in Preview in OS X, too.
(05/15 17:55:05)  Capella: and on Ubuntu
(05/15 17:55:10)  blutec: urls gettingg parsed nicely too?
(05/15 17:55:11) Thumbs up from GoMeLeonardo
(05/15 17:55:19)  Capella: so it should be completely cross-platform :)
(05/15 17:55:19)  GoMeLeonardo: yes more or less
(05/15 17:55:22)  blutec: from scribus to pdf I mean
(05/15 17:55:28)  Kaelis Ebonrai: should do, for scribus. =)
(05/15 17:55:39)  Kaelis Ebonrai: scribus uses proper pdf creation. =P
(05/15 17:55:53)  GoMeLeonardo: I don't know what Szark used for printing the final PDF...maybe Scribus has a PDF Printer included?
(05/15 17:55:56)  Kaelis Ebonrai: or, if it doesn't -- bug it.
(05/15 17:55:58)  blutec: I needed ghaelen to publish it in Afdobe pdf writer to get nice links
(05/15 17:56:03)  GoMeLeonardo: Ah thx Kaelis
(05/15 17:56:24)  Capella: OS X has decent pdf creation too; I had considered using iWork and offering to help assemble, but I'm not /too/ familiar
(05/15 17:56:31)  Kaelis Ebonrai: scribus should directly export. i know open office does, and i seem to remember scribus doing so.
(05/15 17:57:07)  blutec: unfortunately I'm limited to widows
(05/15 17:57:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (most floss stuff should do it fine. )
(05/15 17:57:10)  GoMeLeonardo: great, if blu becomes comfortable with that we have no problems
(05/15 17:57:43)  Kaelis Ebonrai: blutec: scribus should run on win32
(05/15 17:57:43)  blutec: export to pdf isn't a problem, but getting the links nicely parsed is/was
(05/15 17:57:47)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i.. think. =)
(05/15 17:57:55)  GoMeLeonardo: You can post on the Newspaper Section of the forums to let Thermein know you're interested in Assembling
(05/15 17:57:57)  blutec: I'll install scribus
(05/15 17:58:05)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lost copella?
(05/15 17:58:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: blutec: ahh, hms.
(05/15 17:58:17)  GoMeLeonardo: uhm...capella puffed
(05/15 17:58:20)  Kaelis Ebonrai: oh dear :<
(05/15 17:58:31)  GoMeLeonardo: KI sais he's still here...
(05/15 17:58:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i suspect that's a crash, then. =)
(05/15 17:58:44)  Kaelis Ebonrai: it does that, sometimes.
(05/15 18:00:23)  GoMeLeonardo: According to Theremin's list the empty spots are: Columnist (Kaelis can cover the GoW column), Copywriter and layout artist
(05/15 18:00:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: rightio. =)
(05/15 18:00:40)  GoMeLeonardo: layout artist may fall on Assembler if needed
(05/15 18:01:19)  GoMeLeonardo: copywriter should provied filler articles if needed
(05/15 18:01:28)  blutec: I'd always welcome a layout artist :-)
(05/15 18:01:29)  GoMeLeonardo: then we are ready to go
(05/15 18:01:51)  blutec: but will manage with the newspaper
(05/15 18:02:00)  GoMeLeonardo: ok
(05/15 18:02:11)  GoMeLeonardo: other comments on the Newspaper?
(05/15 18:02:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: might I suggest a styling similar to, um.. the /early/ Archivers?
(05/15 18:02:40)  Musica2: I'll give thought to article ideas since I have some journalism background. Meahwhil I need to leave
(05/15 18:02:42)  Kaelis Ebonrai: (issues 1 and 2)
(05/15 18:02:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: take care! =D
(05/15 18:02:58)  GoMeLeonardo: Take care Musica!
(05/15 18:02:58)  GoMe Marten: Bye, Musica
(05/15 18:03:07)  blutec: bye Musica, see you
(05/15 18:03:08)  Kaelis Ebonrai: have a great day/night/etc =)
(05/15 18:03:11)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: bye musica
(05/15 18:03:13)  GoMe Marten: I think we're running out of people.  What were the remaining topics?
(05/15 18:03:13)  GoMeLeonardo: O.O it's taking more than I expected
(05/15 18:03:21)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: :-)
(05/15 18:03:29)  GoMeLeonardo: Only future elections
(05/15 18:03:31)  Musica2: thanks everyone. See you soon
(05/15 18:04:29)  GoMeLeonardo: The layout will be something for the Editors/Assembler/layout artist to decide, Kaelis.
(05/15 18:04:37)  Kaelis Ebonrai: of course. =)
(05/15 18:04:47)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i was just making a suggestion =P
(05/15 18:04:50)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(05/15 18:04:58)  GoMeLeonardo: So the last point is elections
(05/15 18:05:18)  blutec: Suggestions in the form/format of a layout would be great :-)
(05/15 18:05:55)  GoMeLeonardo: now that we are again working I think we may go out of the almost inactive Council idea and revert to the old structure
(05/15 18:05:58)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I don't know why, I just always like the really, really old archivers. =P
(05/15 18:06:09)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *liked
(05/15 18:06:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: what is the old structure?
(05/15 18:06:24)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Leo: I think I should sit this one out, until I'm a messenger =P
(05/15 18:06:43)  GoMeLeonardo: Ok Kaelis ^^
(05/15 18:06:59)  GoMeLeonardo: The old structure was 5 people in the Council
(05/15 18:07:18)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Oh.  I thought that was abandoned because there weren't enough people?
(05/15 18:07:22)  GoMeLeonardo: each one had a job assigned, like "Liaisons Chair" or some else
(05/15 18:07:47)  GoMeLeonardo: yes we abandoned that structure during the No-MOUL period
(05/15 18:08:01)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (I like that name for it)
(05/15 18:08:09)  GoMeLeonardo: actually...we switched to this structured and then MOUL came back....DOH
(05/15 18:08:36)  Kaelis Ebonrai: <g>
(05/15 18:09:06)  Capella: sorry, I crashed out
(05/15 18:09:08)  blutec: wb Capella
(05/15 18:09:08)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Hi againn Capella
(05/15 18:09:15)  GoMeLeonardo: I think that now we have again active Messengers and we can restore the old structure, but with new Chairs
(05/15 18:09:17)  Capella: what did I miss?
(05/15 18:09:19)  GoMeLeonardo: wb Capella
(05/15 18:09:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: welcome back, capella!
(05/15 18:09:40)  GoMeLeonardo: not much, we just started discussing the Elections and Guld Structure
(05/15 18:09:56)  GoMe Marten: You just have to run nominations again and see if people bite.
(05/15 18:10:54)  GoMeLeonardo: yes but I'd change the election process. The current one doesn't seem to be very good to me
(05/15 18:11:02)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: how so?
(05/15 18:11:13)  GoMeLeonardo: I'd like to have at least so sort of nomitation process
(05/15 18:11:28)  GoMeLeonardo: the current one just has self nomination
(05/15 18:12:00)  Kaelis Ebonrai: personally, for, um, this sort of thing, maybe vetted self nomination might best..
(05/15 18:12:08)  GoMe Marten: Well, I think that came about from all the people saying "Don't nominate me, I'm not running."
(05/15 18:12:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(05/15 18:12:58)  GoMe Marten: But, it is true that nominating someone "on the fence" can push them to make a decision as to whether to run or not, rather than them just sitting back and watching and not self nominating.
(05/15 18:13:15)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: what is our membership base at this point - how many members and "active" members do we have?
(05/15 18:13:29)  GoMeLeonardo: lf nomination may work, but it wouldn't guarantee that the person becoming a Chair is trusted by the other Messengers to lead them
(05/15 18:13:44)  GoMeLeonardo: more or less 30...I didn't count them
(05/15 18:14:14)  GoMeLeonardo: uhm....that sentence didn't come out very well XD
(05/15 18:14:22)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: no, that was fine :-)
(05/15 18:14:57)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I like the open nomination idea
(05/15 18:14:59)  GoMeLeonardo: Self-nomination could work, but it wouldn't guarantee that the person becoming a Chair is trusted by the other Messengers
(05/15 18:15:07) From Skydiver Svig in Skydiver Svig's Relto: Bye all take care have a nice day/evning see you tomorrow Shorah gah bigtotee b'shemtees
(05/15 18:15:41)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: open nomination wouldn't guarantee that the nominee wants the job, however
(05/15 18:16:25)  GoMeLeonardo: that's why before we had some kind of double nomination...one nominates someone and him accept or rejects
(05/15 18:16:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: good idea
(05/15 18:16:51)  Capella: that makes sense.
(05/15 18:17:05) GoMe Marten nods his head
(05/15 18:17:07)  GoMeLeonardo: the self nomination thing could fall to what brought me and Theremin on the Council....only two people volunteering and so there was no need to vote
(05/15 18:17:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: And that could happen again :-)
(05/15 18:17:53)  GoMeLeonardo: with double nomination we at least now that that person is thought would be a good one for that particular position at least by one messenger
(05/15 18:18:33)  GoMeLeonardo: thoughts?
(05/15 18:18:44)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: can't hurt to give it a try
(05/15 18:19:41)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: need fully defined council positions
(05/15 18:20:03)  GoMeLeonardo: yes we have to re think them
(05/15 18:20:06)  GoMe Marten: Do you want to stick with 5 or narrow to 3?
(05/15 18:20:14)  GoMeLeonardo: I don't know
(05/15 18:20:26)  GoMeLeonardo: we have to think what positions are really nedded
(05/15 18:21:03)  GoMeLeonardo: maybe we could just compose the council with the Project Leaders, like Editor of the Newspaper, Cavern Criers Coordinator, etc
(05/15 18:21:15)  GoMe Marten: Well, describe what you and Theremin do now in your roles as co-leaders.
(05/15 18:21:19)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: i like that idea - they are already staffed :-)
(05/15 18:21:27)  GoMe Marten: Oh, good idea too.
(05/15 18:21:28)  Capella: that's not a bad idea; those people already have leadership positions, so we know they're trustworthy
(05/15 18:21:39)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: with co-leaders on top?
(05/15 18:22:18)  GoMeLeonardo: maybe with one "guild Master" on top to cooredinate everything, Hold meetings and things like this
(05/15 18:22:29)  GoMeLeonardo: wb lunanne
(05/15 18:22:33)  Kaelis Ebonrai: i'd say, um, obviously, webmaster should be up there, too.
(05/15 18:22:34)  blutec: wb Lunane
(05/15 18:22:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: welcome back!
(05/15 18:22:38)  Luna(nne): shorah all
(05/15 18:22:41)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I think everyone needs a backup tho - especially the head person
(05/15 18:23:09)  GoMeLeonardo: I've seen that not having a lader brings people to not thinking of organizing recurrgin things, like this
(05/15 18:23:15)  Luna(nne): did I miss the newspaper?
(05/15 18:23:34)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: very true Leo - just see the GoW as an example
(05/15 18:23:37)  GoMeLeonardo: yes unfortunately :(...but we didn't discuss much
(05/15 18:23:48)  Luna(nne): okay I'll read the chat log
(05/15 18:24:36)  GoMeLeonardo: Someone at the top is needed for handling this kind of thing to me, not having much power than others
(05/15 18:24:43)  GoMeLeonardo: *more power*
(05/15 18:24:54)  Capella: so basically a coordinator position for events?
(05/15 18:24:59)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: a focal point for members and non-members to look to
(05/15 18:25:32)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, capella, for events and for being the "face" of the Guild, the one to contact
(05/15 18:25:39) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(05/15 18:25:41)  GoMeLeonardo: exactly what Julee said
(05/15 18:26:05)  GoMe Marten: It's less about power, and more about responsibility.  If two or more people share responsibility, you get stalemates where everyone expects another to do the job.
(05/15 18:26:06)  GoMeLeonardo: one or two, not more
(05/15 18:26:18)  Kaelis Ebonrai: technically, the GoW
(05/15 18:26:29)  Kaelis Ebonrai: *GoW's system works for how it works =P
(05/15 18:26:32)  Luna(nne): but we have two guild council member s currently , not?
(05/15 18:26:38)  Kaelis Ebonrai: but, i wouldn't recommend it for others =)
(05/15 18:26:38)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: The GoW forums always have people asking questions - who's in charge, who can I ask such-and-such - and the answer is "no one"
(05/15 18:26:48)  Kaelis Ebonrai: well, actually, there is. =P
(05/15 18:26:53)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Adam. =P
(05/15 18:26:54)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: only the webmaster
(05/15 18:27:01)  Capella: isn't it a somewhat chaotic system that way, then?
(05/15 18:27:02)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: but he doesn't speak for the guild
(05/15 18:27:07)  Kaelis Ebonrai: other than that, we're a loose collective, and that suits what we do. =)
(05/15 18:27:16)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yep - it's a collective rather than a cohesive whole
(05/15 18:27:31)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes, they seem to like it that way, but it makes it very hard for newcomers
(05/15 18:27:34)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Ju'lee, he speaks for the group as much as anyone else does, perhaps a little more. =P
(05/15 18:27:43)  GoMeLeonardo: yes GoW structure siuts the GoW, because the Writers most work on their own...the Messengers need to cooperate
(05/15 18:27:52)  Kaelis Ebonrai: right, exactly. =)
(05/15 18:28:17)  Kaelis Ebonrai: I'm just mentioning that it does work, for GoW, I.. wouldn't recommend it for you guys, though. =)
(05/15 18:28:25)  GoMeLeonardo: :D
(05/15 18:28:25)  Luna(nne): honestly I also think it a bit chaotic currently
(05/15 18:28:27)  GoMe Marten: It's possible for GoW to work as they do, but one person alone here cannot write and publish the newspaper, one person alone cannot manage handing out KI messages and sharing news in cavern.  We have to work more as a team.
(05/15 18:28:40)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes
(05/15 18:28:40)  Kaelis Ebonrai: Yes, I agree. =)
(05/15 18:28:41)  GoMe Marten: Yeah, we're all on the same page.
(05/15 18:28:52)  GoMeLeonardo: that's good ^^
(05/15 18:30:06)  GoMeLeonardo: me and Theremin think that mainly the guild should be guided by the project leaders and just have the GM to be "the face", we culd try to implement this kind of structure if you like it
(05/15 18:30:25)  Capella: I think that's a good idea.
(05/15 18:30:30)  GoMeLeonardo: well...implement is somewhat a big word...it already works like that for techincal reasons
(05/15 18:31:04)  Luna(nne): I sometimes think it a tad unclear in what I can do as emssenger and what not
(05/15 18:31:10)  Luna(nne): but maybe that is just me
(05/15 18:31:29)  GoMe Marten: So, write up the proposal already, post it, and ask members to comment on it for a few days.  Fix up any issues, and have a vote on it.
(05/15 18:31:52)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: proposal being the "new and improved" council position descriptions?
(05/15 18:31:54)  GoMeLeonardo: and that would be nothing more than a structure...all the messengers are on the same level
(05/15 18:32:51) GoMe Marten nods his head
(05/15 18:33:10)  GoMeLeonardo: 2 people may work better....for the backup philosophy
(05/15 18:33:16)  GoMe Marten: Lunanne, could you give an example of something you're uncertain about?
(05/15 18:33:25)  Luna(nne): well like introducing people
(05/15 18:33:37)  Luna(nne): or reacting on something like the Nanouk affair thingy
(05/15 18:33:56)  GoMe Marten: Leo> As long as one person has primary responsibility and it's clear on how and when the backup is to take action.
(05/15 18:33:58)  Luna(nne): although that also more because I'm new
(05/15 18:34:59)  GoMe Marten: Well... the Nanouk thing, stuff like that is almost certainly best to leave to one person to address, that being the guild master or their chosen delegate.
(05/15 18:35:05)  Luna(nne): people tend to think the first person that reacts is responsible
(05/15 18:35:22)  GoMeLeonardo: introducting people can be done by any Messenger. Just follow the main philosophy of the Guild that is to find a job for the people and not just recruit them and leave them with nothing to do
(05/15 18:35:25)  GoMe Marten: If you see something like that and nothing is getting done about it, bring it to the attention of the guild master.
(05/15 18:35:25)  Luna(nne): yes I noticed but I had something earlier with the guild interest wwekend
(05/15 18:36:10)  Luna(nne): but that is also a bit hard since no one is really responsible for that one
(05/15 18:36:18) GoMe Marten agrees with Leo's comments on introductions / recruiting.
(05/15 18:36:26)  Luna(nne): it might be an idea if one of the guilds takes care of that
(05/15 18:36:28)  GoMeLeonardo: Usually if you are uncertain about something you can post on the Forum, on the Private sectino if you think it needs to be discussed in private, or PM a Council Member
(05/15 18:36:37)  GoMe Marten: Well, Andros was responsible for recruiting.  We need another person to take on that role.
(05/15 18:37:07)  GoMe Marten: Awkward: Putting "recruiter" on your open jobs list.
(05/15 18:37:07)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: That might be a good function for the "assistant guild master" role
(05/15 18:37:42)  GoMeLeonardo: eheh, I think that it doesn't fit the list.. we need an already existing messenger to ake the role of recruiter
(05/15 18:38:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Guild master, assistant guild master, and department heads make up the council?
(05/15 18:38:36)  GoMeLeonardo: yes that seems good
(05/15 18:39:57)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: departmets are newspaper, criers, and?
(05/15 18:40:00)  GoMe Marten: I think the role of lead recruiter really is just to keep track of what jobs still need filling, keep the open jobs KI mail up to date, and keep an eye and ear out for people who might fill those roles.  Then anyone can "recruit" by sharing the KI mail, such as at guild interest weekend.
(05/15 18:40:21)  GoMeLeonardo: as I said....this is taking more time than I expected...I have to go now. You can continue if you want...just log it if you can XD
(05/15 09:41:34)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Marten, I agree with your recruiter description
(05/15 09:42:06)  GoMe Marten: website/webmaster is another department.
(05/15 09:42:26)  Kaelis Ebonrai: alrighty, i've gotta head off, I'm afraid. =)
(05/15 09:43:04)  GoMe Marten: Irissa was proposing 'events coordinator' that would be another - a person to primarily make certain events got onto our calendar.  So that is like a revised calendar manager position.
(05/15 09:43:17)  GoMe Marten: make certain /that/ events...
(05/15 09:43:49)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: key position, but maybe not a department head - these roles all probably need to be fully defined
(05/15 09:44:01)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: how many council members should there be?
(05/15 09:44:07)  Capella: yeah. a list of roles and definitions would be good.
(05/15 09:44:21)  blutec: Sorry diner's calling, have a nice day/night, see you soon, thanks for the meeting!
(05/15 09:44:28)  Luna(nne): I know I missed a lot of the conversation
(05/15 09:44:32)  GoMe Marten: Twitter and Facebook presences...
(05/15 09:44:38)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I think we should probably adjourn this meeting :-)
(05/15 09:44:41)  Luna(nne): but this is sounding a bit ambitious
(05/15 09:44:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: we're running out of people
(05/15 09:44:53)  GoMe Marten: Yeah.  OK.   Well... we have an action item here at the end then.
(05/15 09:45:02)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: we could take this up in the forums
(05/15 09:45:27)  GoMe Marten: In addition to Leo's proposal, we need a clear list of all the projects and leaders.  Not just the 'open jobs' but the whole thing.  I think Andros has a list somewhere.
(05/15 09:45:38)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I totally agree
(05/15 09:45:44)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (speaking as a relatively new member)
(05/15 09:45:44)  Luna(nne): maybe a list of what everyone is doing now
(05/15 09:46:02)  GoMe Marten: rel.to.  when I have time :)
(05/15 09:46:04)  Luna(nne): any other stuff?
(05/15 09:46:12)  Luna(nne): yeah do you still need help for rel.to marten?
(05/15 09:47:02)  Luna(nne): I would like to step in before the lit is four pages again XD
(05/15 09:47:05)  GoMe Marten: I need to find the time to write up a job description for what I need help with, Lunanne.  With your assistance, I'm mostly caught up on adding things - I can handle the next batch of additions.  But there are a lot of features I'd like to add to the site, and for that I need a programmer :)
(05/15 09:47:06)  Luna(nne): *list
(05/15 09:47:15)  Luna(nne): okay
(05/15 09:47:58)  Luna(nne): well I guess the meetings is over then
(05/15 09:48:03)  GoMe Marten: All of the new links posted since the last update, I will have those on the site by next Saturday.
(05/15 09:48:04) GoMe.Ju'lee D claps her hands
(05/15 09:48:23) Luna(nne) remembers guild meetings that just took an hour or so, seems like a long time ago
(05/15 09:48:28)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(05/15 09:48:40)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: alright, I'm off to mow my lawn...
(05/15 09:48:50)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: shorah all!
(05/15 09:48:51)  GoMe Marten: Take care!  Action item for next meeting:  Keep it shorter...

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